Projects & Experiments

We're on track to ship several products in 2023, but it's still too early to share many details. In the meantime, here are some of our public projects and experiments. If you're interested in early access please sign-up below and we'll be in touch soon.

  • Domain-specific ChatGTP

    Open source project for vector-based contextual prompt augentation

  • AstroGuide

    GTP-3 powered product recommendations and buyer guides.

  • AstroSphere

    Brain-state modulation through real-time, biometic responsive binaural audio synthesis.

    early access

  • AstroScribe

    Purpose built high quality text and image generation.

    early access

  • AstroTheory

    Music theory midi generation for composers and producers

    early access

  • AstroOS

    Conversational OS for IoT, wearables and embedded systems.

    early access